Molly (M) McGinnis

Senior Thesis                                          

Our Identities, Mostly Consumed, is an installation, exploration, and conversation, inhabited within a formerly existing domestic space.

Our Identities, Mostly Consumed dismantles the natural assumptions prevalent within the 21st century surrounding the divide of identities by celebrating self-imperfections and promoting younger generations the true purpose of retail, fashion, and life: self-expression.

The installation is built off the existing structure to create an installation that initiates the conversation of vulnerability in today's society. While I'm not focusing on a specific brand or trying to critique a particular brand, I'm trying to open the conversation on the impact of brands promoting media's portrayal on people's emotional and physical being. The space will be open for interpretation for the user to express their comfortability. 

To fully interact with the site and it’s environment my process of materiality experimentation was fundamental to my process. In collaboration with my fibers thesis I developed a series of models that helped define the space. Through my final scale models I interlaid these dichotomies of raw/ refined, prosthetic/authentic, horizontal/vertical, built/existing, to represent the reconstruction of our comfortability within spaces and places.

LOCATION: Mont-Ras, Girona, Spain
VIDEO EDITS: Noah Watson
MATERIALS: Felt, wax, wire, tape, repurposed materials & founds objects

Personal explorations, material research